Star Safari, Wairarapa

Operating from within the Wairarapa Dark Sky Reserve, Star Safari Observatory offers a perfect retreat from light pollution and reveals a dazzling array of celestial wonders. This is one of the darkest locations accessible in Aotearoa.

Contact details

1169 Ponatahi Road,


+64 21 66 3808

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Opening hours

Every weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and other days by arrangement during school term and daily during school holidays, session start varies with the sunset.

What's on offer

Two 16” telescopes, solar telescopes, we also have a 12” telescope, a 10” and an 8” telescope and some other small refractors.

When clouds obscure the skies, embark on a virtual journey with our planetarium software and VR headsets, transporting you to the Moon or the International Space Station. 

Hari, an accomplished astrobiologist, and Sam, a seasoned space science communicator, share their passion for the cosmos.

Price: from $75.

15 years and under free. No minimum age limit.

Duration: 1.5 hours

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