Gisborne Astro Tours

Founder and guide of Gisborne Astro Tours, John Drummond is one of New Zealand’s top amateur astronomers and astrophotographers. Having had many decades of telling others about astronomy – and teaching, the delivery will be pitched at a level that everyone can understand.

Contact details

23 Bilham Road


+64 27 560 9287

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Opening hours

Gisborne Astro Tours runs tours on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

Non-Daylight-Saving Time (~early April until ~late September) – 7:00pm

Daylight-Saving Time (~late September until ~early April –) – 8:00pm

Please note that for the six days around the Full Moon of each month, when the Moon blots out most of the stars, tours will not operate.

What's on offer

The tours run for 2 hours. An outline of your Gisborne Astro Tour includes:
Welcome and an introduction to astronomy talk by one of NZ's leading astronomy communicators = 40 minutes
Constellation identification with a laser = 10 minutes
Telescope viewing = ~50 minutes+
Warm-up/cup of coffee and biscuits = 20 minutes
The main telescope is a 50cm (20″) f2.9 GoTo Newtonian Reflector.
In addition, smaller 41cm (16″) and 25cm (10") Newtonian-Reflectors will be used.
Also, bring your camera to learn how to photograph the stars by one of NZ's leading astrophotographers.
Prices - Adults: $50, Children: $20, Family: $110.

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