Cosmic Vibrations

A passionate and informative guided introduction to the night sky on the dark edge of our largest city.

Contact details

Piha Beach
(Note: precise location differs from map - notified at booking)

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Opening hours

Show times vary with sunset

1 Oct – 9 Oct > 8pm – 9:30pm
10 Oct – 13 Nov > 8:30pm – 10pm
14 Nov – 23 Dec > 9pm – 10:30pm 

What's on offer

Drifting In An Infinite Sea
75 minute guided tour of our southern night sky.
Chairs and hot drinks provided.
Minimum age: 10
Maximum group size: 10

Starfleet First Class
75 minute show adjacent to a private cabin.
Includes telescope viewing, bonfire, snacks, hot drinks, indoor facilities.
Minimum age: 10
Maximum group size: 10

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